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Thaiticketmajor will be providing a new service that will allow you to be able to pre-reserve their tour bus tickets online, offering time-saving convenience through technology.

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Buying tickets will be much less of a hassle than previously thought. You can plan your trip ahead up to 60 days in advance. Whether you are planning your trip for the holidays, or for any other days, for that matter, you can travel with comfort and ease buy booking your tickets online at THAITICKETMAJOR

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When purchasing Bus ticket(s) via Thaiticketmajor Outlets and Majorcineplex only.

How to Reserve/Purchase tickets

1 Check your tour on bus destinations [ Click ]

2 Reserve your tour bus tickets at a minimum 3 days in advance.

3 Select reserve your tour bus by:
  • Online Reserve
[ Click here to Buy ]
  • TTM Outlets ( click )
  • Call Centre Tel. +66 (0) 2262 3456
  •  thru Thailand Post (Bangkok and Metropolitan Area)

4 Payment Method
• Payment by money transfer
• Bill payment thru BBL ATM or BBL I-Banking
• Payment by Credit Card
• Payment thru Counter Service Co., Ltd. (available at 7-11 convenient store)

5 How to tickets pick up
  • at TTM Outlets (in Bangkok) / TTM Counter at the Bus Transportation
  • by Messenger

Conditions of Use
1 You may reserve your tour bus tickets at a maximum of 60 days in advance, and at a minimum 3 days in advance.
2 For those who purchased the tickets at the service counters and through Thai postal services, you may use the received tickets as the real ticket.
3 For those who purchased the tickets through the internet or through the Call Center , you must exchange your temporary ticket-reserve slip for the real ticket at the Thaiticketmajor counter. Please make sure that you exchange it at the counter at the bus station that you will be departing from on the actual date.
4 Any tickets or temporary tickets that have been altered through scratching or other means, will be deemed unusable, and may not be used for travel.
5 The company has the rights to give tickets only to those who have temporary ticket-reserve slips only.
6 Passenger is allowed to bring their personal belonging at maximum 2 each with the total weight not over 20Kg.
7 The insurance will cover at any cases in the limited of maximum B.300,000
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